Your contributions are needed and are selectively invested!

PTSD takes a whole lot of specific mental health work in order to get to a point of stability.  It alters brain electricity, neurochemistry, biochemistry, cognition, attention and focus, energy and motivation, and it runs bad movies at any time during the day or night.  It affects sleep, work, digestion, faith, hope, love, and it takes 22 veterans lives a day!

We use evidenced based treatments that are tried and true.  It is high quality life changing trauma specific mental health and how we have put it together is very hard to find elsewhere.  We collect our own data on our work to continue to better it and ensure that your dollars are being well spent.  And we invest only in highly motivated to change individuals and families.

  • For our Veterans, they just simply deserve the best we can give them! An investment here is a gratitude gift from you for their service!
  • For those coming out of our correction systems and re-entering our communities and that are motivated to change, their resources are limited as they rebuild their lives. They are not asking for us to erase the consequences of their actions.  Your donation still requires that they work on themselves with us and we provide the mental health services that they need to do that work.

Your financial support helps us save lives and it helps us change lives, families, and communities.

We are grateful for your consideration of donating to help!

Contributions are used for:

  • Trauma specific counseling
  • Trauma specific family counseling
  • Life Support Group Meetings (meals, child care, supplies)
  • Life Recovery Bible, workbook, devotional (has the Twelve Steps of Recovery)
  • Sleep Aids

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