Life Support Preamble

Life Support is a gathering of men and women who know we need others to better our lives. We admit we have deep hurts, tried as best as we could to overcome them, and have been led here to be with others like us to further heal each other. We call on each other’s understanding, humility, compassion, wisdom, and each other’s strength when we cannot find our own. We accept people where they are with no judgments, and meet to melt away the shame that says we are not good enough. What is said here stays here, taking it outside of here hurts us all. We require simply that each of us courageously seek to better our self, find better solutions, and by doing so we will better others. Two is better than one and three better than two.

We are now running closed Men’s Groups and Women’s Groups across the state.

These closed groups make incredible deep changes in us.

Email Scott at to inquire about joining one.