Board of Directors


Judy Wederquist

Judy Wederquist brings to the Master Trauma Foundation Board of Directors, long years of business knowledge and expertise in the private business sector as a V.P. of Great Plains Communications Inc., from where she has now retired.  She has been and continues to be active in state issues, especially concerning children in DHHS and Foster Care, and consulted with Governor Heinemann and state senators on these complex issues.  She is highly motivated to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors, to be a part of this foundation that helps those suffering from PTSD, who don’t know how or where to go for the right help.  She is very confident and pleased to know that the foundation is making positive changes to better lives and increase self-sufficiency to those we serve.


Dani Beadle

Dani describes her serving on the Board of Director’s as the most meaningful work she has ever been a part of.  Dani has always been passionate about helping others.  She is a Clinical Nursing Professional having worked as a surgical nurse, obstetrics and gynecology nurse, and an elderly care nurse.  She has also worked as a Patient Care Nurse assessing patient quality of care in several Nebraska hospitals, wanting to make sure patients are taken care of.  Dani’s large heart for others and her passion for help to be the highest of quality for those being served combines a great set of skills for her work here.


Nikki Johnson

Nikki serves both on the Board of Directors and the Foundation’s Advisory Council.

She brings critical lived experience to guide and direct the Foundation’s programming.

She is a veteran’s wife, a mother, a medical billing specialist, and does full time volunteer work giving back to those in recovery and the work of this Foundation.  She has done her own personal trauma resolution work and wholeheartedly believes in and supports what the Master Trauma Foundation is doing.


Dr. Daryl Callahan

Dr. Daryl Callahan comes to Master Trauma Foundation (MTF) Board with 30 years’ experience in Federal Service as both a Civil Service Physician and as a Senior Medical Officer in the National Guard (Colonel).  He serviced 3 tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and several domestic operations such as Katrina/Rita Relief. Dr. Callahan is motivated to serve on the board in an effort to encourage trauma recovery with resiliency.


Ryan Brons

Senior Pastor, MDiv

As Senior Pastor of Beautiful Savior Church, Ryan’s great passion is to see lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through partnership with counseling professionals in the Omaha area, Ryan has a track record of helping people find a healthy understanding of who they are so they can know themselves as complete and whole.  Ryan specializes in creative development, public speaking, and leading a dynamic congregation that is impacting individuals, marriages and families locally and internationally.

Rev. Brons holds a MDiv in Practical/Applied Theolog from Concordia Seminary – St. Louis with a focus in applied preaching and counseling, and a B.A. in Theology from Concordia University – St. Paul, MN. He has completed training with Prepare-Enrich Marriage Facilitator, Pastoral Leadership Institute, Stephen Ministers and various on-going education in counseling.


Dwite Pedersen

  • Military Service
  • Small business owner
  • Teacher South Dakota Reservation – 2 years
  • Boys Town House Parent – 8 years
  • Boys Town Administration – 4 years
  • Nebraska State Senator – 4 terms, 16 years
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselor – 33 years


Executive Director

Scott K. Carlson

  • M.S. Counseling, M.S. School Administration, Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Certified Trauma Specialist, Member International Academy Trauma Professionals
  • Owner M.T. Counseling Services, Trauma Resolution Program providing services to NE. Probation, 9 districts including the cities of Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln, Beatrice, Fremont, Columbus, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Lexington, North Platte.

Lead Clinician & Researcher

Stephanie J. Clark

  • M.S. Social Work, M.S. Public Administration, Provisional Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Nebraska Families Collaborative, M.T. Counseling Services group facilitator, data.

Chief Data Analyst

Seth A. Carlson

  • M.S. International Studies, Owner Similogi – business controller service.
  • Consults and provides M.T. Counseling Services information technology, data collection, data methodology, reports.

Director of Marketing & Education

Sheena L. Meyer

Advisory Council

These are selected “gold nuggets” from Probation population due to their high motivation to change, humility, and heart for others to give back.  They are committed to being leaders in recovery and personal growth.  As their title states, they advise the Board of Directors to the individual needs and barriers to maintaining positive healing and growth.  They serve as critical marketers and proof of concept indicators for the work of the Foundation.

Scott McDowell

Father, Peer Support Specialist working in homeless shelters Omaha, NA sponsor, high motivation to change, high motivation to give back to others, humble, great man!

Nikki Johnson

Mother, veteran’s wife, Medical Billing Specialist, AA sponsor, high motivation to change, high motivation to give back to others, humble, great lady!

Juan Reyes

Father, Behavioral Health Tech using his lived experience to establish quick and trusting relationships with clientele, NA sponsor, high motivation to change, high motivation to give back to others, humble, great man!

Dan Rocha

Veteran who we owe much, Electrician, large voice in Omaha Veterans Court assisting in bettering veterans and programming, AA sponsor, high motivation to change, high motivation to give back to others, humble, great man!